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Press right here –>>

Who we are

SUMSASE is a small sound design company and record label based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a cozy and creative studio as our headquarters, we have extensive experience in a wide range of audio services including sound design, music composition, mixing, and recording.

Led by Swedish sound designer and composer David Gülich, Sumsase brings over 25 years of expertise to the industry. Our team has worked with hundreds of productions across various mediums, including movies, TV shows, radio broadcasts, shopping malls, games, commercials, web sites, theatre plays, and art installations.

What we do

We believe in the power of sound to elevate storytelling and enhance experiences. Whether it’s creating immersive soundscapes for film, crafting memorable tunes for commercials, or adding a sonic dimension to art installations, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life through the art of sound.

Our philosophy towards sound is a celebration of dynamism and we recognize the profound impact of silence. In our sonic explorations, we implement chaos structure and randomness, allowing our ears to guide us in the creation of unique and unpredictable soundscapes. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional sound, exploring new dimensions in both creation and consumption.

Sound vs. music

We proudly defy the conventional boundaries that separate music from sound, recognizing their perpetual dance as an inseparable, harmonious coalescence. In our creative realm, the traditional distinctions between the two fade away, revealing an intricate tapestry where sound and music seamlessly blend.

Get in touch

Write us an e-mail at sumsaseempire@gmail.com with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In progress

In progress right now here –>>

Latest works

All previous works here –>>

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